Options list vizualization: some unique values of a field are missing in the dropdown list


We are using options list (drop down) on Dashboard to load ip addresses. But randomly some of the IP's were missing but when i look at the RAW data from Discovery, those ip addresses are showing up.

i' am using max value in the options list but still having issue. Anything i' am missing here ?

Hi @praveen_raju ,

What Elastic stack version do you use? If you are on 7.3+ you can try to change Kibana settings, I think Nathan answer will be helpful.

Best regards, Dima

@Dzmitry Thank you for response.

8.41. is the version we are using. i will update config file with the following 2 and let you know if that fix the issue.



Hello @Dzmitry

Issue fixed after updating kibana config file. Thank you so much for your help.


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