Order Kibana bar graph by date

Hello guys,
I'm pretty new with Kibana and I have been trying to do a bar graph.
I'm trying to order the bar based on dates.
the graph shows the percentage or items by month.

and this is the x-axis setting

as you can see the orders are not quite right.
I would love it if somebody helps me with that.

Thank you

Kibana does not know that this data represents months, it just looks like text. You can store it in elasticsearch as dates, and then Kibana would understand.

I have a date field from the one i have extracted the month and year. Im doing that on SQL but the date field is there on the index. How can i use that date field to sort?
Thank you

I have managed to do it, by adding another aggregation int he graph.
In the metrics portion i have added a new dot size aggregation and i have aggregated by my datefield converted to int.

later my X-axis i have ordered by that dot-size aggregation and that has worked perfectly.

Thank you

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