How to sort percentage bar by date?

Hi All,
I'm using v 7.11.1
I have this data structure in elastic:
"_index" : "testcases",
"_type" : "_doc",
"_id" : "ub0ll3sB2oqJ9931yhZw",
"_score" : 1.0,
"_source" : {
"buildVersion" : "",
"testcase" : {
"$" : {
"name" : "Forward To Isolation",
"time" : "14.984",
"className" : "Contains a log with events 'Network Request' and 'Forward To Isolation"
"testcaseName" : "Forward To Isolation",
"testcaseStatus" : "Passed",
"timestamp" : "2021-08-30T13:00:41.053Z"

The record is a test result (One of many tests), the tests running few times a day (every 4h) I've create visualize "Percentage Bar" that displayed the build number (In every build there are about 700 tests) , I want to see the builds sorted by date and to see the amount/percentage of fail/pass in each build (One on each other, separated by colors)

I have succeed to this chart, builds version in X axis and vertical is the test name braked by test status.... I just need to sort x-axis by date and not alphabetical...

How it can be done?

Hi @ShayWeizman ,

at the moment it is not possible to sort categories in the visualization client side, as you are looking for. There's an issue you can track the feature request: [Lens] Allow client-side sorting of dimensions at datasource level, for all chart types · Issue #86184 · elastic/kibana · GitHub

if you're able to switch from the bar you can do this in the table visualization by clicking on the column

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Thanks for the answers Marcos and Graham!

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