Hello, I have a question.
My ElasticSearch version: 6.2.4.
os: centos7.
java 1.8.
Prompt when I run:
Please help me.

I don't see an actual question in your post? JavaVersionChecker is something used internally by bin/elasticsearch to ensure the minimum java version (8) is being used, and produce a nice error message instead of "incompatible class version" that one would get when trying to run java 8 class files on java 7 or below.

Thank you for your answer.I believe my java version is okay, it's version 1.8, It also works well before it is restarted and is stuck in JavaVersionChecker. Will there be other reasons for this mistake?

At first I thought it was a question of java version or Linux System permissions, but after many attempts, it didn't get better.

Can you please show what error message you get? It is difficult to diagnose without seeing the actual output you are seeing. I will say, if java version checker is failing, then likely the java version you think you are using is not actually what is being used. Double check what you have in JAVA_HOME, as well as your PATH.

The error message I got "". There is no more.Thank you again.

Can you please add your entire output here, as well as the command you use to run elasticsearch.

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