Organization scope


We were trying to create our first elastic cluster on GCP to be integrates with our gke cluster.
The wierd part is that it wasn’t seems like there is an option to create an organization scope and to invite team members to the cluster.
Can it be ?


I don't think this is the right forum for this question - so I can redirect it to the right place, can you share a bit more about how you were provisioning your cluster ... eg directly on some GCS hardware, using some technology (ECK?) on GKE, using the running in GCS etc?

i am not sure about it sir i will check it once then let you know.



we created it through GCP console. "Elasticsearch Service on Elastic Cloud", its redirect to


Ah OK, currently the elastic cloud account has a single email address (that of the first user to create the account) - it doesn't line up with the more sophisticated organizational hierarchy that GCS has - this is on our roadmap, but no ETA yet

so if someone from my team created the cluster, how another team member can view the cluster?
he need to get his credentials? :()

Yes unfortunately (we'd recommend using an account that can be treated as shared, eg not re-using credentials, storing them in a shared vault, ensuring the email address setup for contact is accessible by multiple users)

We are actively working towards better support for the GCP organizational model, no ETA yet though


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