Elastic Cloud - team support?

We'd like to use the Elastic Cloud as a team. Is there support for teams? What I'd like to have:

  1. Multiple users with different account credentials can log into the same cloud "dashboard" (https://cloud.elastic.co/home) and see all the deployments.
  2. Be able to file support tickets through individual accounts, so that the correct people get replies.
  3. Optionally some kind of RBAC. For example, one user could create new deployments, another would only be able to see one deployment.

If there is no such support, what are our options? Do we need to do the following?

  1. Share the credentials between all the admin personnel.
  2. Set up user accounts through Kibana for Kibana-only access.

Multi-user account access is something we are working on towards with high priority. At this stage you do need to follow your second set of points.

Thanks. Will keep an eye on any updates.

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