Elastic account vs personal account

On the cloud (cloud.elastic.co) we have logged in using the elastic account. Now it doesn't seem to work anymore. We can only log in using a personal account based upon an email address. Can anyone explain this, please?

What do you mean by "elastic" account?

But please see https://www.elastic.co/cloud/elasticsearch-service/support on how to raise a support ticket for Elastic Cloud :slight_smile:

Thank you David for your reply.
When I created a new Elastic Cloud for our company I logged into Elastic using the account "elastic" and of course a password. When I try this account now I don't get access. I only get access using my account (email address).

You were likely using the elastic account for your cluster login (eg Elasticsearch or Kibana). Your login with your email address is for the main service, not the cluster.

Thank you Mark, I understand

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