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Hi, I've been tasked with deciding where we move with Elastic & Kibana, we're currently on 6.8 and have an OSS version, we also have an aweful lot of data and we will NOT be able to reingest this. Having just watched Elasticon I asked a question about moving from OSS to Basic version as in tests I'd had problems (because the x-pack code doesn't exists therefore the api doesn't exist).
I'd like to recommend moving to the Basic version of of 7.7 or 7.8 however may be forced to suggest AWS Opendistro if we can't overcome this issue.
Any suggestions of how to move to the Basic licence without reingest?

I'm not sure. What kind of errors did you have when migrating to the default distribution? Could you share that and also what steps you tried?

Moving from OSS to basic shouldn't require a reindex. I'd take a snapshot, shut down the cluster, upgrade ES to the new version with basic, and then start again.

If you have data indexed from 5.x it won't work in 7.x. This is an Elasticsearch issue regardless of distribution flavor.

Hi David, we're just planning the move so didn't do it on the production instance yet. Initially I noticed that the licence API didn't exist on a test OSS installation and that's when I asked in Elasticon and was told that it' possible to move from Basic to OSS, but not the other way around

Hi Nik, it was the following thread which talked of reindexing Data migration from OSS version to Basic version. I'll investigate the snapshot option. Thanks for mentioning about 5.x

I don't see any reason that would prevent doing a full cluster restart with a 6.8 default distribution but yes you probably need to test it. Of course, you can not do a rolling upgrade as some APIs will be missing.
I'd not go directly to 7.x though.
And obviously I'd test the scenario first! :slight_smile:

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