Mistakenly installed OSS upgrade to 7.7.1 from 6.8 default. Should we move?

Finding clear concise information about anything ElasticSearch related seems nigh on impossible. But, somehow I now have es-oss running on our system, even though I only had the default in the apt list.
So, the issue is should we try to move to the default version or is the OSS version - whatever the difference is! - suitable for production?

OSS is the open source only version of Elasticsearch. This means it is exactly the same it just has x-pack removed. It is entirely suitable for production however x-pack contains a lot of useful features so unless you have a reason to go for the oss version you are missing out on helpful features.


Is there a way to migrate from OSS to default on a production server?

As far as I know you should be able to just swap versions with no issues (assuming you are migrating between the same release versions, ie oss-7.7.0 to 7.7.0). But as always, if this is production, make sure to create a snapshot or some other kind of backup just in case.

For clarity this would involve shutting down all nodes, changing the version on every node and then starting the cluster back up again (typically starting the masters first and then the data nodes). However if I understand correctly you could rolling update them across to the non-oss version but I would not recommend doing this on production.

Ok. I am going to try this on a node. My concern is that it seems to be uninstall oss and then reinstalling default. I am hoping/assuming it won't delete the data files too!

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