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Hi all.

I´m using a basic ELK stack to pharse windows DC event logs (winbeats) and send email (sendmail) to our Ticket system. When user is created, blocked, changed password etc....

All works.
But i see in the documentation, that i can put (for example) in the subjet a field of logstash that include the username or the message complete. Using % before the name of the field.


Mi elasticsearch have this value:

winlog.event_data.TargetUserName = johndoe
message = An attempt was made to reset an account's password. Subject:......

My logstash (that works is this)

        port => "5044"

  elasticsearch {
        hosts => [""]
        index => "%{[@metadata][beat]}-%{+YYYY-MM-dd}"
	    if [event][code] == 4724 {
        email {
        from => "email@domain.com"
        to => "email2@domain.com"
        subject => "ALERT Reset Password from a Privileged Admin, User %{winlog.event_data.TargetUserName}"
        body => "Message is: \n'%{message}'. \n"
        via => "sendmail"


But %{message} and %{winlog.event_data.TargetUserName} apperas as is . not with the data jondhoe or the complet message.

Could you help me?


I think if you use the single quotes in the body then it will be seen as a string.
body => "Message is: \n %{message}. \n"

and nested fields need to be used like this:

I hope this helps

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Works booth!!!!

Thank You!!!!!!

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