Output syslog plugin [Unable to load plugin]


I followed this documentation :

to install offline output syslog plugin in my machine, the plugin is successfully installed, but when i try to call syslog as output in my config file (logstash), i got "Unable to load Plugin. {:type=>"output", :name=>"syslog"}", can any one help to figure out this issue please ?

Elastic version : 8.8.1



Can you share the full log you are getting from Logstash, not just part of it?

Also, you restarted Logstash, right?


Yes i already restart logstash.

Here the full log from logstash : "Unable to load Plugin. {:type=>"output", :name=>"syslog"} couldn't find any plugin named 'syslog'. Are you sure this is correct ? trying to load the syslog output plugin resulted in this error : Unable to load the requested plugin named syslog of type output. The plugin is not installed."

NB: when i try the command : "/bin/logstash-plugin list" the plugin "logstash-output-syslog" is there in the list


Can you explain what steps you did to install the offline plugin?

Which Logstash version are you running? Did you generate the offline plugin with the same version?

For example, if you are using Logstash 8.8.1 you would need to do the following steps.

First on a machine with internet connectivity download Logstash 8.8.1 to be able to generate the plugin, you can use the tar.gz package.

On this same machine run the following:

logstash-path/bin/logstash-plugin prepare-offline-pack logstash-output-syslog

This will generate the zip file as mentioned in the documentation, now you need to copy this file to the target machine without internet to install it.

On that machine you will need the following command:

bin/logstash-plugin install file:///path/to/logstash-offline-plugins-8.8.1.zip

Then you would need to restart logstash.

Since it is not working I would recommend that you remove the plugin, do these steps again and share the output of each step.

I followed each steps as you describe in my machine with internet connectivity i installed logstash 8.8.1 after that i extract it with "prepare-offline-pack" command as zip file, then i put it on my target machine and launch the installation command same one as you write it exactly and i got in the output that the plugin is installed successfully.

I will retry the same steps and tell you what is the outcome.

Is there any issue with this version of logstash ?

This is the complete log from logstash: "The plugin could not load. {:name=>"syslog", :type=>"output"} could not locate the'syslog' plugin. Are you positive this is accurate? Attempting to load the output plugin for Syslog led to the following error: The requested plugin, syslog of type output, could not be loaded. There is no plugin installed.

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