Package name "heartbeat" conflicts with "heartbeat" package for Linux HA cluster

Hi there,

I have just had an issue with the use of heartbeat. The heartbeat package (ES) has the same name as the heartbeat package used together with Pacemaker and Corosync for Linux clustering. This heartbeat package is part of all major linux distributions.

So, if you are running a HA Cluster and you want to change (update, remove or whatever the daemon) it can give you surprising results :wink:

Setting the heartbeat package on hold in the package handling system is a workaround. But nevertheless you have to be very careful with this and keep your documentation up to date. So your collegues know about this when they update the system ...

Maybe there is a chance to change the package name? Or what would you propose to solve this issue?

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Hi @elkinspace!

Thank you for your feedback, we did actually fix this for 6.0, just released!

New package name is heartbeat-elastic :slight_smile:

Hi exekias,

This is great news! :grinning:

Thanks & best regards

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