Painless integer division


(Norm Bedwell) #1

I am dividing two doc_counts from an aggregate to produce a percentage and compare it to a percentage. Does integer division in painless produce a float or another integer? I'm using the ctx.vars to get it into a log message to try to debug. Does the log message go to the elastic log or somewhere else?

"inline": "if ((ctx.payload.current_poll.aggregations.fandp.buckets.0.doc_count > 0) && (ctx.payload.current_poll.aggregations.fandp.buckets.1.doc_count > 0)) { ctx.vars.xx = (ctx.payload.current_poll.aggregations.fandp.buckets.1.doc_count / (ctx.payload.current_poll.aggregations.fandp.buckets.0.doc_count + ctx.payload.current_poll.aggregations.fandp.buckets.1.doc_count)); return > ctx.payload.week_poll.aggregations.avg_fail; } else { return false; }"

(Norm Bedwell) #2

Found that painless does do int division (1/3 = 0). I'm not sure of the 'proper' way to convert but I used the python trick (1*1.0)/3 and I'm getting a decimal number.

(Alexander Reelsen) #3

this is indeed the correct 'trick'. Painless copies its division logic from java, where dividing two integers will result in an integer.

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