Painless matcher scripted field

hello to everyone!

I am trying to create a scripted field that will return some specific values from a field.
This field contains a long string and I want to take some specific values which is the some_text_here. The values are inside<></> such as <textA>some_text_here</textA>

Please look below the content of the specific field from where I want to extract some substrings:

....<textA>some_text_here </textA> <language>español</language> <textA>some_text_here</textA><textA>some_text_here</textA>....

eg ....<textA>I am </textA> <language>English</language> <textA>very</textA><textA>happy</textA>....

Please look the below code from my scripted field:

if (doc['content.keyword'].size()!=0) {
    def string = doc['content.keyword'].value;
    if (string != null) {
        def m = /textA(.*)textA/.matcher(string);
        if (m.find()) {
        return "no match";
    return "empty"; 

With this scripted field, I can extract only the value from the first <textA> </textA> (eg I am from the example).

Have you any idea how to get also the rest some_text_here values simultaneously in order to have the three some_text_here together.
The output value would be something like this:
some_text_here some_text_here some_text_here
eg I am very happy from the example.

I searched a lot here in the community but I cannot write something that working.
Thank you in advance for any help!!!


didn't test it but it should work in the following way:

if (m.find()) {
    def result = '';
    for (int i = 1; i <=m.groupCount(); i++) {
    return result;


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