Parse a string to get a number

Some guy who already does not work here installed ELK and Kibana and everything was fine until we installed a new server. We need to parse a string to take a number out of it and put it into visualisation in Kibana. I'm very new to Kibana and got no idea where to start.
The version is 6.6.0
ELK receives a json and parses it into multiple fields.
The field I'm interested in is named "syslog_message" and looks like this:
"OrderMaker: Order #152491 took 0.45s, 3231 codes/s"
I need to get this number "3231" out of string, combine it with @timestamp from another field (same json) and put it into visualisation.
Also there're different messages in this field that do not look similar to this one. As far as I can tell I need to somehow search for "codes/s" and take the symbols that come before it, then convert them into a number.

Could you please tell me where to begin? Should I read something related directly to this issue?

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