Extract number from a text in kibana

Hi, I need to extract a number from these text and then get the result if the value is greater than 1 or lesser than 1, can somebody knows how to do that?
I show in the picture whitch filters I use to get the message, I tried to do the substring how shown online but it didn't work


I think you should assign that number to an independent field. Then yo can do what you want using conditionals in logstash or apply a filter directly from kibana.

I have other logs with different parameters and I don't wanna break everything, do you know how may I create a field just using this source e message?

with logstash you can split the message field into multiple fields keeping the message field.

For example with a Grok filter

in logstash :

filter {
      grok {
        match => { "message" => "%{DATA}: %{NUMBER:NumeroExtraido}" }

once parsed, this value will be recorded in a new NumeroExtraido field that you can use for filtering in kibana or extra enrichment for those records where this value is bigger or smaller than 1 for example.

thanks, I will try this, I ve seen online that I can set the grok in devTools but the problem is I can't find it in my menu

i dont know wich kibana version are you using. In new versions it appears in stack management > Dev Tools > Grok debugger

But it is only a tester to check your Grok Pattern.


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