Querying a range in Kibana

Not sure if this can be done outside of the api but curious to know for sure. I was searching Kibana earlier today for messages that had a string and a number that followed larger than 5000. A few examples:

foo foo foo by 4195 bar bar bar
foo foo foo by 4689 bar bar bar
foo foo foo by 5301 bar bar bar
foo foo foo by 3902 bar bar bar
foo foo foo by 5763 bar bar bar

Is there a way to filter my message field to all lines that contain "by " and a number greater than 5000 so I would only get 2 lines back in the above example without having to break this field into its own bucket?


You could use a regular expression to look for any string starting with 5 through 9 followed by 3 or more number characters.
Your query might look something like this:
field.name:/by ([5-9]\d{3,})/

Hope that helps

Dang, I was close. Thanks for the suggestion!

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