Parsing array of elements

Hello, I am looking for a way to go from this message

  "parent_field": [
    "Key 1:red",
    "Key 1:blue",
    "Key 2:this is green"


    "key#1": ["red", "blue"],
    "key#2": "this is green"

Tried with gsub to replace the space with hashtag and then kv (with transform_key => "lowercase") and worked, but the gsub also replaces the spaces of the values as well and last key has "this#is#green" as value.


Think this will get you close. Not sure the requirements from removing this is from this is green but I think you have that part figured out where you can add it.


input {
  generator {
    lines => [ '{ "parent_field": [ "Key 1:red", "Key 1:blue", "Key 2:this is green" ] }' ]
    codec => json
    count => 1
filter {
  kv { 
    source => "parent_field"
    value_split => ":"
    field_split => ","
  mutate { rename => { "Key 1" => "key#1" } }
  mutate { rename => { "Key 2" => "key#2" } }
output {
  stdout { codec => json }


  "key#1": [
  "key#2": "this is green"

Thanks, Aaron. Appreciate you help. I forgot to mention that the fields in the array are dynamic and I do not know their names. I won't be able to rename them as you suggested.

I mean, I only know the name of the parent field (parent key) but the number of the fields in the array/list is variable and their names are almost imposible to predict. The only thing I know is that I need to replace their spaces if present.

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