Parsing query with @timestamp range


Assuming I have the following Lucene query defined in Kibana:
activity_id = '68e99866-d9e7-4e2e-abb9-b13702b13f72' AND @timestamp:[ 2020-10-20T08:09:13.503Z TO 2020-10-20T08:09:23.503Z]

I've noticed that I have to pick a date (from the Kibana date control) although the query also contains a timestamp range.

I wanted to know how the query is sent to Elastic, does Kibana knows to reconstruct the query and combined the 2 ranges?

I'm afraid the Elastic will query irrelevant indices based on the range provided in the Kibana date control. (For example if I set the date in the control to 3 months ago, Does Elastic query all the indices from 3 months ago?)


Hi @TKul6,
Query string and date picker are combined into a single query.
You can check how your final query looks using inspect in discover.

Hope this helps

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