Part of (message) field to new field - how?

There's an index with (message) fields like:
selection xyz finished. elapsed_millis: 73, rows=4
selection shorter finished. elapsed_millis: 165, rows=454
selection another finished. elapsed_millis: 9999, rows=0

Is it possible to select the value after the 'elapsed_millis:' and store it in a new (number) field?
And the same question for the rows value.

Any help is welcome.

Take a look at the reindex API in combination with a pipeline that uses a grok processor to extract that value from the field into it's own field and thus making it searchable and storing it as a number.

hope this helps!

Thank you spinscale!

I've deleted the index and reloaded my data with a grok statements in the filter with success!

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