Partial field value matching post Winlogbeat upgrade to 8.1

Hi All,

We are using elk 7.17.1 with winlogbeat version 7.8 version with ECS version 1.5.
While testing out winlogbeat 8.1.0 with ECS version 8.0.0, now my lucene queries are now doing partial matches.
A simple example of Lucene query


is doing partial matching the field winlog.event_data.Image and listing anything with C or


This behavior is not seen with data in indexes with winlogbeat agent 7.8
Expected matches were where field value is C:\Windows\System32\schtasks.exe

Did I miss something here?

Thank you in advance!

Tried using Beats 7.17.1 version and seeing same issue, downgraded the winlogbeat to 7.8 and the queries started working normally.

Out of ideas what may have changed.

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