Partial log from heartbeat to logstash

Im am using heartbeat 6.2.3 on my server.

I've configured the heartbeat.yml to look like this:

 - type: http
 urls: ["http://myhost:port/continue/path"]
 schedule: '@every 10s'
 timeout: 16s

 hosts: ["ip:port"]

Obviously the URL and and the "ip:port" are different and realistic (i chose not to write them here).
I've started the hearbeat service and it work, but when i looked in my logstash all i saw was the same repeating log:

yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.000z myserver %{message}

Obviously the date and the time are changing every 10 seconds.
"myserver" is the server where my heartbeat is running.
I didn't receive any heartbeat info from my URL that I wrote in the heartbeat.yml , just the same message.
Even after i changed the URL to a non-real URL i received the same message.

I wrote that the log is partial because it's refreshing every 10 seconds like i worte in the heartbeat.yml , but it doesn't get anything from the URL.

NOTE: there is also nothing in my kibana, not even the meassage from the logstash.

NOTE: Im using filebeat and metricbeat as well, and they are working just fine.

What should i do ?

Could you post your logstash pipeline configuration here?

Also, what happens if, just for testing purposes, temporarily take Logstash out of the picture and instead make heartbeat output to your console? What do you see?

Unfortunatlly i don't have an acsses to the logstash pipeline because i don't have an acsses to the server where the logstash lives.

When i tried to direct the output to the console and nothing appeared, but i'm not sure that i configured the yml file right.

I deleted the logstash output and wrote instead:
pretty: true

ANOTHER NOTE: when i saw my metricbeat logs in my logstash, i saw the same log as i saw from the heartbeat :
yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.000z myserver %{message}
The different is that i see the real message of the metricbeat log in the kibana while i see nothing from my heartbeat in the kibana - same log in logstash, different in kibana.

What does all those things means ?

Could you run heartbeat with debug level logging on and post the result here? The command for that is:

heartbeat -e -E logging.level=debug

Note that this will output details about the HTTP URL you are trying to monitor with heartbeat, so you might want to mask the actual hostname, port, and path before posting here.

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