Partial Updating to remove nested properties


I'm currently working with a problem where I have a central object - an "Event" object - that is very often queried, accessed or updated. We are now appending a new property, that being a dictionary. However I would like, at a given endpoint, remove a specific element from said dictionary and update the database accordingly. The problem is currently the elasticSearch update is set up for us, for every the purpose of every other instance of calling an update, with a merge through the 'Doc' property instead of a script.

However simultaneously, using a script to change the functionality for the update for this ONE specific case when all of our updates are centralized in one line of code to call the update does not sound feasible either.

I would appreciate if anyone has some suggestions as to how we can handle this kind of partial updating to remove elements from the Dictionary while maintaining some centrality between difference instances calling the same line of code for the update.

Thank you!