Problem removing nested object using UpdateByQuery

Hi all,

Apologies if there are similar answers, I have extensively searched, but this does appear to be quite a niche problem.

As the title suggests, I have a scenario where I am using UpdateByQuery (java API) using groovy script (I know...) and a simple filter against a ES version 2.3.3 cluster (yes, I know...). This script removes an element from a nested list similar to

ctx._source.tags.removeAll{ == remove_id}

This works perfectly in our integration tests, and running against a single node local cluster on my machine, but fails to actually remove the item in a deployed environment (no errors/exceptions etc. the filter and script execute, it just doesn't update any documents. I have verified the contents of the filter/script in those environments; the filter does match documents, and the script should remove the item).

The only known difference between these 2 clusters is that my local version runs 2.4. Is it expected that behaviour between these 2 versions would differ in this way? Is it possible there are cluster settings that would modify this behaviour? Are there caches that would affect this?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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