Update by query successful but no effective change


I'm trying to remove one (or more) element from a list in my index, like:
"'_source": {
"id": [

I'm using an update_by_query and a painless script to remove an id in the index if they match one in the given list.
The query repond 'succes': 1 (it's applied tp one doc_type only, I got 10 but I restricted it for debugging purpose), so I guess that my script work and it should! I remember testing it on a small list (10 elements) but not the list is 8500 element long.

Anyway, I'm using the python Elasticsearch Client v 5.1.0 (my cluster is v5.1.4)
Here is the script:

                   "script": {
                        """for (int i = 0; i < params.ids_list.length; ++i)"""
                        """ if (ctx._source.id.contains(params.ids_list[i]))"""
                        """ {"""
                        """  ctx._source.id.remove(ctx._source.id.indexOf(params.ids_list[i]))"""
                        """ }"""
                        'params': {
                            'id': ids_list
                    'query': {
                        'match_all': {}

Thanks for the futur replies.

Problem found: the given list was a list of string, the index was a list of integer.

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