Particular mapping under index is not searchable


I have index which has 4 mappings configured under it. Out of 4, I am able to search for 3 mapping data using "_type: " in Kibana "Discover" tab.

But, for 4th mapping though it has data, when I enter "_type: <4th-mapping-name>" in Kibana "Discover" tab it says no data found. But when I execute below URL it shows me json with data and it has "_type" property set to "<4th-mapping-name>".

URL: http://localhost:9200/index/4th-mapping-name/_search

Is there a configuration that I need to perform to enable search on 4th mapping? Or How do I identify what is the issue that I am not able to search on 4th Mapping.

Also, from Kibana "Dev Tools" when I execute below search request, it does return result.

GET _search
  "query": {
    "match": {
      "_type": "4th-mapping-name"

Looking forward for your inputs. Thank you.


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