Pass filters/action from Kibana Dashboard

Hi Folks - I would like to know if there is a way we can pass filters or pass the actions(clicks made on dashboard) from Kibana dashboard to D3 dashboards or any other visualization layer dynamically.

Appreciate your response. Thanks!

There is currently no feature in Kibana like this. The closest thing might be "drilldown" links from a dashboard, which is a feature being proposed here:

That feature will be all in-Kibana though. It's not clear if you're asking about something where you have a click event that can talk to a non-Kibana application.

Thanks for your response Tim.
Yes Tim, we would like to have click event that can talk to non-Kibana application so that on click, we can capture the event clicked and pass that to new dashboard outside of Kibana(in our case D3 charts).
We wanted to confirm this feature is not available so that we concentrate on plan B. So looks like it is not possible right ?

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