Path files Visualizations

Hello everyone,
I Hobe ta all is very well,
I have a Q regarding use path files to visualize them in Kibana.
Is it possible to find a way to use Kibana search engine to find specific line in the set of files without store this files in ES DB?

Thank you for advance,

Hi Mohamed,

Your data would need to be stored in Elasticsearch to be visualised in Kibana. Where is your data at the moment? We do have various connectors and approaches to help with ingest from other sources that could help you.

@carly.richmond Thank you for your response,

I am aware that ES stored data in /var/lib/elasticsearch but I have some different data stored in different files I need to visualize these files. is there wayes to support this?

You'll need to ingest the files into Elasticsearch and make available via a data view on top of the index.

Can you give details on the files as to whether they are regularly generated files such as logs or a one off file for analysis? You have a few options for file ingest such as one off via the file ingestion, Logstash or integrations.

what will happen if I use pata.path to NFS mounted path, please look at this page specifically but this means that it will work correctly on properly-configured remote block devices (e.g. a SAN) and remote filesystems (e.g. NFS) as long as the remote storage behaves no differently from local storage

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