Hi all,
I am stucked in one thing and want to ask in community that I am trying to create a grok pattern for a log and in dev tools grok tester I am successfull in writing up a pattern as the below screenshow indicates my successfullness.

Now when i try to add the pattern in the ingest pipleine processor it is throwing error that there is something wrong in pattern

Now when I remove \ from the pattern then it is accepting but it results in that my logs are not parsed as I want them to as shown below
Now after removing \ from the pasrser the ingest pipelines process is allowing me to add but my log will not be parsed as \ is needed to identify the square brackets which are in my log

My question here is that are not the both devtool grok and ingest pipelines grok same? Or if they are different then what should i use instead of \ in order for my grok pattern to work as expected in the ingest pipeline.

Looking forward towards response

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