Pattern Replace Character Filter In a Normalizer

My goal is to have a same pattern replace character filter on both my custom analyzer and normalizer. Seems like I can use the filter on the analyzer without issues, however facing error when trying to attach the filter to the normalizer:

Custom normalizer [lowercase_custom] may not use filter [custom_trim].

I have found almost exact problem being discussed at Normalizers poor support for token filters and missing docs · Issue #28605 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub. However based on discussion at normalizers to support pattern_replace char filter · Issue #23142 · elastic/elasticsearch · GitHub I understood that pattern replace character filter shall be now supported on the normalizers, thus I am confused.

We are using Elasticsearch version 7.9.

PS: We want our custom_trim character filter to trim also line-breaking whitespace, we have found out that the trim filter is not removing e.g. the \u2007 character

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