Percentage numberals.js format patterns

I have metricbeats configured with vsphere to send in datastore usage and my percentages are off by a factor of 1000.

I am looking at the edit in the index pattern for numberals.js format pattern but cant fingure out what to put in to make it smaller by a factor of 1000.. the default is 0,0[000]%

can someone please give me some ideas?

NumeralJS seems to take any number with the % formatter and multiply it by 100, so maybe your input is not in the range 0-1 and is instead in the range 0-100?

you are correct the number coming in is the percent already without the % symbol and it is being multiplied by 100... so how do you format this so that it wouldnt get multiplied by 100?

I'm not an expert in numeraljs, but I don't see any examples of escape codes in their documentation. A workaround would be to use the number formatter instead of the percentage formatter.

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