Percolator query fields migration from version 6 to version 8 using reindex

Hello community
I would like to use reindex functionality from elasticsearch to move data from a version 6 cluster to a version 8 cluster. The reindex is working well, the issue is the migration of percolator query fields. The docs says they can be updated using reindex, but it is not working as I expected.
What is happening?
I have 2 local environment using docker, one with version 6 and the other with version 8. If I reindex using http://localhost:9200 as remote source, all the percolator query field from version 6 are updated to version 8 during the reindex.
But, when I use as remote source a different cluster (different url) the percolator query fields are not updated. Even if I set host.docker.internal to get the IP of my local environment (localhost) in version 6, the percolator is not updated.
I am not sure but I see some behavior around "localhost", maybe someone can help clarifying if the percolator query fields cannot be updated unless I use localhost or if I need to set some index/cluster settings.

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