Performance Benefits to using Stored Scripts?

I haven't seen anything in the documentation that would suggest using stored scripts are better for performance, but intuitively I'd think running a stored script many times would perform better than running an inline script many times, as the stored script could be parsed and cached.

I was going to spend the next couple hours testing this, but thought I might as well check here first if there was a quick "yes or no" to this question.

If I plan to run the same exact script millions of times across different requests, would there be a performance gain from storing this script first and calling it by it's ID, or is it all the same and I can just use inline scripts?

If it makes a difference, the script is an update script.

A stored script isn't faster. We cache the compilation of inline scripts as well as stored scripts. We don't precompile stored scripts because we don't know what they'll be used for.

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