Will Increasing the setting script.max_compilations_rate from 75/5m to 300/m effect perfomance?

I'm getting remote transport exception while executing painless scripts. Need to know if it will really effect performance, if we increase from its actual limit i.e 75/5m to 200-300/1m.

if not, is there any alternative wayto avoid this exception?

Can stored scripts help for this case?

That setting is just to general the warning. So bumping it won't slow things down.

That warning is generally a sign that you are doing too many script compilations and should use script parameters more carefully. Script compilations is much slower than using a cached script. But if you know you need the scripts don't worry too much about bumping the setting.

But I would double check if you can reuse scripts better. It really does slow things down a lot to have to compile over and over again.

Is cached script and stored script same?

by using stored script, will it solve circuit breaking exception?

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