Performance of running ELK Stack on Docker or VM?

I have tried running ELK Stack on Docker in a CentOS 7 VM with 3 different Docker containers - Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana containers. It took me about an hour to run 625MB as per screenshot below whereby I have about 10GB of logs from 3 different sources.

May I know is such performance normal? Will the performance be affected by setting ELK stack in a dockerized environment?

As for your information, I only made changes to the configuration file of Logstash but keep the default configurations in Kibana and Elasticsearch.

Screenshot below is the spec that I have assigned to the CentOS 7 VM.

Which one is the most suggested way of setting up a ELK stack? on VM or Docker?

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Do you mean it took that long to process to Elasticsearch?

Yes. Is this normal?

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