Performance Windows x Linux

Is there any performance differences between Windows and Linux? Will ELK operate the same across different OS?

Also.... I saw that ELK is free of cost, are we given a certain amount of memory? what do we do if we want to increase this memory?

Also how does ELK compare to Graylog?


There shouldn't be any significant performance difference btw Windows and Linux since Elasticsearch runs on Java. I'm pretty sure the JVM is optimized to work around any differences in the operating system.
Kibana will perform the same, shouldn't make any difference.

as far as comparison is concerned - am pinging PMs for more insight into this: @shanec - any suggestions here ?


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It's difficult to give any metrics Windows vs Linux performance because there are so many variables external to Elasticsearch. We treat both as first-class citizens, though practically (as with a lot of server software) we see more deployments on Linux machines. I'd recommend using what you're comfortable with.

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