Physical or virtualised vs docker vs redundancy

I have 2 clusters

  1. virtualised
  2. dockerised
    but both have several advantages/disadvantages

I am asking for advice for best architecture setup from performance/reliability perspective.

I am running 2 production clusters

  1. virtualised - 13nodes , each node: (8core/64G RAM/1-2TB SSD)
  2. dockerised - 3 containers, each container:(12core/30G/1,5TB SSD)


  • no redundancy , 3 dockers on 1 physical hardware, even though the cluster is among 3 physical node, loosing I server means 3 Elastic nodes down and cluster in RED status.
  • more complicated setup, I cant set specific CPU and RAM per docker,logs are not accessible as easy as in standard installation
    ?how to achieve redundancy if multiple dockerised nodes are on the same node. ? :question:


  • low IO storage performance (our private cloud is VMWare with VSAN storage)
  • storage is expensive (it is in raid and due to Vsan architecure)
    ? how do you achieve high performacne + virtualisation? :question:

Is the baremetal the choice for Elastic Clusters? :question:
No virtualisation nor dockers means having very specific hardware to achieve same size for each node and all known complications.