Pie Chart Canvas - Show only pencertage as label to prevent overlapping


I want to create a pie chart in Canvas and I set the "Show Labels" property.
The labels overlapping, so I would like to know if is possibile set css properties or something similar that allow me to show only the percentage as label (so I would like to see in my chart "45%" and not "Chiara 45%).

I use Kibana v 7.14.1

Is possibile ?
Thank you,

Did you try to create a Lens based Pie chart and add this to canvas?
This should do this automatically for you.

Changing the Look and Feel of the Pie chart element using CSS within Canvas can get a bit complicated.

Hi @Felix_Roessel !

I didn't imported a Lens because I need to make some graphic customization that aren't possible in Lens.

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