Pie chart colors change


I created a pie chart showing according to the available data : available, unavailable and unknown.
I want to attach a specific color for each value : let's say for example green for available, yellow for unavailable and red for unknown (on the chart).
How can I do that?
Thanks in advance

Click the add button next to "Chart style" and add a "Series style". Select the series type (e.g. "available") and the color you want to use for that series. Repeat this process for all slices you want to customize.

Thank you so much @nickpeihl for you help.
I have an other question if you please, how can I exploit the "dropdown column" : for example i am showing a metric (costs), and I want to display the "costs" of different "categories".
When it's on 'any' it gives me a correct value which is the sum of the costs of different categories.
However, when I choose one of the "categories" , It is all the time giving me 0.
So, can you tell me please how can I proceed?

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