Kibana Pie Chart custom colors still not assignable


I've researched and checked the forums here for this answer, but unfortunately the suggestions on how to assign custom colors in a pie chart seem unavailable to me. Can you help?

Currently, I've only got a choice of what's available in the 'Color palette' field of Appearance. And the advice to add a legend and then click on the color shown there in order to choose a custom color doesn't work. Clicking on a color in the legend simply temporarily greys out the opposite color. What am I missing?

Hey, you need to click on the colorful bullet in order the colors popover to appear

Hey hey! Thanks for the super fast reply. :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, those little color bullets aren't clickable. They just react with a mouse-hover and grey out the other value's legend entry:

Any suggestions or hints as to why this might be happening (i.e. that the colors popover does not appear)?

I am so sorry, you are in Lens and not in the aggregation based pies. The solution I proposed is possible only from the aggregation based editor so you can use this for this case.

In Lens we added the functionality to give custom colors in 8.11

so I guess if you are not in this version you are not going to have this feature.

Thanks so much for the reply! That's all clear. We'll look into an upgrade, and I'll look into the aggregation based editor. Cheers.

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Well, interesting: I loaded it through an aggregation-based pie, and the popover does indeed appear, but clicking another color doesn't actually display the selected color:

(Edit: In this particular case, for this aggregation pie chart, there's an extra color palette ('Status') available, which gets me my desired color mapping of green = true, red = false, but still, being able to set custom colors would be a bonus.)

Hmmm interesting, which kibana version are you using?

"version": {
"number": "8.8.2",

This is a bug with the boolean fields. I will create an issue to fix it (it must work fine if you use another field type on the breakdown)

Use the status palette for the boolean fields for now, sorry about that :frowning: If you upgrade to 8.11, Lens will give you all these options and much more! I really suggest it!

Well that answers that. Thank you for looking into it!

And already put in the request to upgrade with my team. :smiley:

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