Pie chart with multiple terms

I want to create a pie chart with four different terms car_total, heavy_total, bike_total and ped_total. For the terms the percentage from the sum (car_total +heavy_total +bike_total + ped_total) should be visible. The pie chart should look like the chart "Modal split" at Telraam

What is the best way to do this in Kibana?

Currently I work on an ELK setup, which uses the open data from our ADFC-TK system .

Hello @CargoBikoMeter,

You can create a pie chart using a terms aggregation.


To enable the percentage for each term, enable ‘show percentage’ in options->label settings.

Hi Priscilla,

my problem is, to view one pie chart with four different terms. It would be nice if someone can provide an example pie with four different terms.


If you want a sum of different values you might want to consider adding a formula.

Hello Priscilla,

the formula now works in our dashboard for the metric charts with the percentages of the individual terms of the total. In the Pi chart, I have not yet managed to display the four different terms in a common circle.

Formula for Pedestrians Metric:
sum(ped_total) / (overall_sum(sum(bike_total)+sum(car_total)+sum(heavy_total)+sum(ped_total)))


Is the formula you shared working?

Were you unable to split slices by terms as I mentioned, or do you want something different?

Hi, it is working, please see: Elastic)

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Hey, that's great. Thanks for sharing it.

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