Piechart revert customized colors when no data is displayed

I have created a visualisation with a pie chart and customized the colors and then saved, this works well until I choose a date range that does not return any data. In this case the chart is empty, and when I change the date span so it contains data again all the colors are reverted to default. Is this known perhaps I'm doingsomething wrong?

@monfera Do you have any inputs? Thanks!

Hi @Paal_Aaserud,
Was the piechart built using Lens or is the default piechart visualization?

It was built using the default PIE chart visualisation in Kibana.

tir. 20. okt. 2020 kl. 09:52 skrev Marco Vettorello via Discuss the Elastic Stack <elastic@discoursemail.com>:

Paal, could you please test it with the current version? If the issue is still present, please download the Saved Object of the pie visualization from Advanced Settings so we can try to replicate the behaviour locally. As it may be a bug, please file it in the repo, referencing this Discuss conversation, adding a github issue link here too.

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