Pipeline-to-pipeline & "path.config"


hello all!
just a quick question: it seems that, the inter-pipeline communication does not support the path.config parameter.
I could only make it work with config.string.
Any plans to support both config parameters?

Thank you!


still trying to use path.config in my pipeline.xml, but no luck


sorry, false alarm :slight_smile:
I was using "wrong" format for the path.config :

path.config: "DRIVE:/path/to/pipeline-xyz.conf" 

The only error message was:

[ERROR][logstash.config.sourceloader] No configuration found in the configured sources

So, the correct path format in pipelines.yml on windows:

path.config: "DRIVE:\\path\\to\\pipeline-xyz.conf"


path.config: "/DRIVE:/path/to/pipeline-xyz.conf"

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