PKI authentication for "elastic" user


We are trying to authenticate using PKI with elastic with native realm as the authorization realm.
type: native
order: 0
type: pki
order: 1
authorization_realms: native

The setup is working with the users we created in the native realm (via /_xpack/security/user).

However we are unable to login using the default elastic user with PKI.
Error in the elastic server is
"Authentication to realm pki failed - the principal [elastic] was authenticated, but no user could be found in realms [native/native]"

I'm not sure if it is not considered to be in the native realm even though the elastic superuser is accessible in /_xpack/security/user/elastic?
If not native realm, what realm is the elastic user in? and can it be used in the authorization_realms?


Sorry, found the answer, it is using the "reserved" realm.

Didn't find "reserved" realm in the documentation ""

but only through another post Authentication of [elastic] was terminated by realm [reserved]

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