Plans to support UDP Logstash output


are you planning to support UDP output ? It would be very helpful to achieve true load balancing when using a 3rd party load balancer.

Typically, we have a load-balancer (hardware appliance) with backend servers behind it (they are unreachable directly). Winlogbeat must go trough the load-balancer to upload the logs, however, TCP is sticky and defeats the load-balancing.

If we were able to send the data using UDP, the problem would be solved as the load-balancer would be able to load-balance each packets.

The "TTL" option doesn't allow proper load-balancing (sending thousands of events on one node, then doing the same on another node is not load-balancing).

What do you think about UDP support for winlogbeat ? Is that scheduled? Does this require major changes to the code?

Thanks !

Given that UDP does not provide any delivery guarantees at all and the stack tries hard to prevent data loss I suspect that is unlikely.

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