Please fix 10 min tutorial

I am new to Kibana and tried to follow 10 min walkthrough.
There are some problem with the shakespeare.json file - unable to download it.
Found orginal json file but bulk import to ES is not simple.
There is no documentation for Kibana 4 in the version dropdown ???

Can you provide a link to the tutorial?

You mean this one? cause all the links there work.

google search landed me on older version - but the link to shakespeare
data on both versions gives me "page has redirect loop" or "he page isn't
redirecting properly"

I tried with different browsers just now - same problem. I tried replacing
3.0 with current - no luck.

Other data links works which is good (on 3.0 link there is
only shakespeare)

Now that I see other sample data that's no big deal.

@warkolm, is the url that he's referring to, and it indeed breaks for me as well. (is still linked to on

I asked Paul E to look into it.