Please help figure out the right syntax


re-read search syntax post serveral times over - still unable to do what I need.

Here's the situation: Gathering logs from windows event log, have lots iwth event id 4625 and in some cases the event_data.TargetUserName is a machine (having at the end of the name, like CPU1, MACHINE2$ etc).

I want to find all records with event_id:4625, but the not the machine accounts.

Here is what I have tried (with no success) - problem seems to be escaping dollar sign.
event_id:4625 NOT event_data.TargetUserName:"" event_id:4625 -event_data.TargetUserName:"*"
event_id:4625 NOT event_data.TargetUserName:/(.
)$/ (and several other options)

Anyone facing similar problem?
Thanks, J

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