Plot only documents with the latest time

I have an index in with time field, and for each time there are multiple documents.
I want to present only the results of the latest time. how can I do it?
Is there a way to calculate the maximum value of the time field over all documents, and then apply a filter based on this value?

here is an example of the code:


  data: {
    data: table
    url: {
      %context%: true
      %timefield%: Time
      index: data*
      body: {
        size: 10000
        _source: ["X", "Y"]
    format: {property: "hits.hits"}
  mark: {type: "square", filled: true, size: 800 }
encoding: {
    x: {
      field: "_source.X"
      type: quantitative
      axis: {title: "X"}
    y: {
      field: "_source.Y"
      type: quantitative
      axis: {title: "Y"}

Use a terms aggregation to group your documents. Then use top hits aggregation aggregation to only get a single document per term.

Thank you for your reply.
But for a given Time value there are multiple documents, and I need all of them.
and after visiting the link you sent, I am not sure where and how I should add these lines to my code.
is it in the "body" section?

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