Plot time vs data

I am having a hard time getting kibana to plot a very simple graph timstamp vs value of a point. All I can get it to do is plot the number of data points with that value.
I have a data set that was brought in from a csv file. Timestamp (time values) and RPM (1000-10000 depending on time).
I cannot get kibana to plot time vs the data in the rpm field? Watched how to vids and read docs, all I can get it to do is plot time vs the number of occurrences of one rpm value.

Simple plot time vs rpm value.

From Kibana on data set.
February 21st 2016, 04:19:59.940 message:2016-02-21,04:19:59.940,7,83,5.2,23.34,23,25540,26,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1,-1, @version:1 @timestamp:February 21st 2016, 04:19:59.940 host:localhost.localdomain Date:2016-02-21 Time:04:19:59.940 SWR:7 RSSI(dB):83 RxBt(V):5.2 Cels(gRe):23.34 Tmp2(@C):23 RPM(rpm):25540 Tmp1(@C):26 Rud:0 Ele:0 Thr:0 Ail:0 S1:0 S2:0 S3:0 LS:0 RS:0 SA:-1 SB:-1 SC:-1 SD:-1 SE:-1 SF:-1 SG:-1 SH:-1 column27: - _id:AVM-U7kj_eJHcdDoq40d _type:logs _index:logstash-2016.02.21 _score:

What have you got, a screenshot would be helpful.

Because it should be as simple as splitting the x-axis with a date histogram.

All I can get it the number of occurrences of a certain value?

I need the change for rpm vs time

The only options i see are count under terms?

It sounds like you want to achieve a scatter plot type of graph which Kibana does not support. Kibana graphs work on aggregations of your data.