Kibana Plot of Time vs Data

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I am facing the same issue as this one. -- Plot time vs data
Does Kibana support this yet?
I need to plot a graph which is not aggregated as min, max or avg. Just the raw data.

Thank You in advance.

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Looks like you are looking at scatter plot visualization. The scatter plot is simply a set of data points plotted on an x and y axis to represent two sets of variables. The shape those data points create tells the story, most often revealing correlation (positive or negative) in a large amount of data. in your case it might be just the raw data.
I would suggest you to use the Vega plugin for this. The new Vega component enables users to create a variety of data visualizations available from the Vega library. Vega is a declarative format to create powerful and interactive data visualizations.

I would also suggest you to look at this blog post which does a scatterplot visualization in Kibana. Vega is very much supported in Kibana:

Additionally, you can also watch the demo here:

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the quick reply. I will get back if I encounter any issues.

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